Azevedo Family Psychology is dedicated to helping you understand life’s challenges, consider the options you have, learn the skills you need, and transform the challenge into a celebration.

Everyone runs into situations where they are not sure how to get past whatever the barrier may be. Dr. Azevedo is here to help you find your path to the life you want to live. Dr. Azevedo uses a solution focused, evidence based approach to help adults, couples, and families learn and use the skills that will help you create a life worth celebrating.

Taking the time to understand the stimuli and setting events that trigger behaviors in us that lead to outcomes we do not want is the first step in the change process. Bringing to awareness these unconscious behavioral habits allows us to make a new choice, to re-train our automatic reactions into thought-filled responses that lead to the outcomes we want.
Once you understand your automatic, habitual responses to situations or stimuli, you may realize you don’t have any other responses for the situation. Here is where learning new skills and practicing them in a safe environment comes into play. It takes practice and good feedback to hone a new skill. It takes even more to replace an old habit.
With practice, support, accountability, and safety, old habits can be changed into new choices. With time and effort, those new choices will transform your life into the one you want and can celebrate.

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