Group Information

  • 5 Session, 2-hours each, every other week, starting September 12, 2016 at 5 PM
  • 6 to 8 participants
  • Price:  $400 (Scholarships available for students on Internship or Fellowship)

Group Breakdown

Most graduate programs in psychology do not include a business course to help you monetize the education you receive.  The intent of this group it to offer you the opportunity to work with a clinician who has learned these skills the hard way and is willing to share his experience with you.  This is meant as an introduction to the process and will give you many significant foundation stones upon which to build your practice and your professional life.  Because of its brevity, it will not be comprehensive.  Should participants choose, an ongoing group can be established to provide support, guidance, and additional training.

This group is intended for anyone wanting to embark on the private practice journey or who is already on that path and wants to refine how they are doing it.

Session 1 is the only fixed session and will be about describing the practice you want to create.  For those already in practice, it will be describing what they already have and where they would like to go.

Session 1:  Envisioning the practice you want to create

The next four session topics will be customized by the participants based on their needs.  They could include:

  • Business structures and how to choose; Embracing the idea of Business
  • Clarifying the services you want to offer
  • Identifying the market, competition, and pricing
  • Planned Costs and Revenues – The Financial Model

Format of sessions:  There will be pre-work for each of the sessions.  Sessions will begin with a brief discussion of the planned topic (20 minutes).  Participants will report out on their findings from the pre-work with discussion (80 minutes).  Wrap up discussion and pre-work for next session (20 minutes).

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