Harmonizing Work and Love Workshop

Over and over we are told to balance work and family, as if they are two separate things that can be weighed individually.

What if we looked at them more like a symphony? The elements of work and love and self are different instruments.  They all need to play in harmony with one another, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes solo, and sometimes resting silent. Their goal is to play the same song passionately and elegantly.

It is hard enough to get one symphony to play well.  What happens when you have two symphonies?  How about two different songs?  That’s marriage, and their harmony creates beauty, fun, elegance, and utility. That effort takes practiced skill and intention.

This workshop will set you on your way, by helping articulate marital, work, and family goals equally well, chart a plan for achieving those goals, and find a way to coordinate all the instruments.  Harmonizing Work  Love begins the process of getting on the same sheet of music and learning to play it well.

Register for Workshop

To register for the workshop, please complete the form below. Once you complete the form, please submit payment to reserve your spot. You can reserve your spot by calling 919-624-9561 and paying via credit card, or sending in your payment to 1903 N. Harrison Ave., Suite 201 Cary, NC 27513.

Once payment is submitted, Azevedo Family Psychology will send workshop pre-work to your address to be completed before attending. If you have any questions, please call 919-624-9561.

Harmonizing Work & Love
Send Check to 1903 N. Harrison Ave., Suite 201 Cary, NC 27513. Credit Card payments can be made by calling 919-624-9561.