THC-Whole-Person-Method-Wheel-no-text-RGBThe Highlands Ability Battery:

  • Defines Individual Abilities
  • Promotes Self-Understanding
  • Builds Self-Confidence
  • Guides Educational Choices
  • Optimizes Career Options
  • Assesses Occupational Satisfaction
  • Leads to Success and Self-Fulfillment

What is the Highlands Ability Battery?

The Highlands Ability Battery is a series of online work-samples that measure and define a person’s natural abilities.  This is not a “test” in the traditional sense of the word.  You are asked to do something in each work-sample.  How easily you complete a work-sample defines how “naturally” the underlying aptitude comes to you.

After you complete the Battery, we develop a 30-page report defining your results.  The individualized report describes each work-sample and what it measures.  Your score represents how easily you can perform the tasks in each work-sample.

You will receive your report in a review with Dr. Azevedo.  In this 2-hour private feedback session, you and Dr. Azevedo will discuss your abilities as they relate to your career, responsibilities, and ideal roles.  This process is a foundation for  a long-term career strategy.

What are Natural Abilities?

Natural abilities are the strings of a violin or keys of a piano.  Untouched, they exist without any impact on our minds or senses.  Harnessed and controlled, they offer limitless possibilities for growth and development.

Everyone is born with natural abilities, regardless of education or experience. Natural abilities are essentially how we are hardwired to perceive information and process it in meaningful ways. By the age of fourteen, your natural abilities have matured enough to be defined and measured.

THC-Consultant-Badge-RGBWho can benefit?

Everyone can benefit from the Ability Battery.  Whether you are a student seeking guidance for your studies, or an adult who wants to enhance your career direction, the Highlands Ability Battery is a starting place.  Successful employees use the Ability Battery to assess strengths, set goals and develop long-range career strategies..  Corporate teams use the ability battery to enhance marketplace productivity.

No matter who you are or what stage of your career you are in, you can count on your ability profile as a practical, objective method to gain focus and direction.  Students will appreciate the guidance in education and career options, and professionals will gain a newfound sense of authenticity in their careers.

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